Love and Hip-Hop 2 - Who is your favorite character?

It seems like everybody watches the show! I can't front its one of my guilty pleasures too.  The women are all attractive and it makes me laugh. So i got a question! Fellas which girl would you like to date? Ladies who is your favorite character?

I'm going with Yandy, she would make a great manager for myself.  I can tell she's about her business. She's my favorite character.  I think young women need to see women in the business being professional.  There's a lot of jobs in entertainment you don't have to get wifed up to be successful, you dont have to sing, dance theres behind the scenes work.

2nd favorite would be Chrissy, she keeps it real and is quick witted. She's always got something to say.

As far as hollering at i don't know . . .. 

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yeah i agree with you on yandi i think she's real attractive and i also like her business aspects of things.I feel like a lot of the girls on the show don't really have a strong foundation besides her and olivia everyone else is a friends wife or girlfriend.

so yeah YANDI

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